Faith Filled Food for Families ~ Learn to Live on a Low Budget and Trust God


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Doesn’t less stress, less worry and knowing exactly what’s in your cupboards and how to be creative with your meals sound good?! You'll gain trust in Christ and learn valuable Meal Budgeting Tips from over 40 years experience! Inside you’ll find 80 pages of printable’s, prompts, practical tips! 

This book was made especially for YOU! IF you want to Learn to Live on a Low Budget and Trust God!

This book is MORE than a simple meal plan! You'll receive step by step instructions on:

  • Budgeting: You need a food budget!
  • Know your Family and their eating habits
  • Food Portions and Food Pyramids - Are we eating healthy balanced meals and snacks or not?
  • Time to take Stock!
  • Creating a Master Menu
  • Creating a Master Shopping List
  • How to Save at the Grocery Store on your Meal Planning
  • SIMPLE Couponing
  • Stockpiling: Don’t overdo it
  • Freezer Cooking
  • Transforming Simple Foods to Look and Taste like Gourmet

Faith Filled Food for Families is a two part book; The first half of Faith Filled Food for Families will be a step by step guide to a more intimate relationship with God regarding our attitude and heart in the kitchen.

Learn how this deep relationship will transform the way that we approach an everyday duty like cooking and learn the secret to abundance and joy in the kitchen.

The second half of of Faith Filled Food for Families will be about HOW we put all that Christ has shown us into practice in the kitchen.

Whether you work at home or outside the home, you will learn to come to your cupboards with new eyes, a new perspective and a thankful heart. You will enjoy peace knowing that you are providing nice healthy meals, while staying within your budget and being a good steward of your money.

You will be able to be generous and invite others to enjoy meals with you, even on the tightest of budget! No more running to the Fast Food restaurant because your cupboards seem bare and there is nothing for dinner. Besides that, you can’t afford it! Been there!

Most of all…you will have a deep, new and abiding relationship with Christ which will fill your hungry soul and fill that empty cupboard.

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